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August 24, 2004



Congrats and welcome to MacLand. I, too, thought that having a Mac would somehow be a different, better, funner experience than owning a PC. But, aside from the loveliness of the click-and-drag and a few other bonuses (and the fact that the mouseball breaks loose and shoots across the room on occasion) it's pretty much business as susual. Which, really, is all I'm supposed to be asking of an appliance. But fireworks would be nice... Looking forward to your musical compositions!


NOOOOOOOO owning a mac really does make me that happy. it's been hard to be separated for the past month. in fact, i literally had a nightmare that i'd sold it and was so upset that i had to rebuy it (for more money of course). i woke up really stressed out. (i'm back on this side so i'll ttys.) Chris - if you read this i was in santa monica today were you there ???????? i kept expecting to bump into you... but how much can you do on a 4 hour stopover, really.

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