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July 25, 2008



"the rock and hard place that are a) receiving male attention and b) not receiving male attention."

This is the truest thing in the world. If you go to clubs with certain groups you have to, a) makeout with a guy who may or may not have introduced himself, but you anyway you can't hear his voice, or b) stand alone by the bar after a certain hour. These things are unseemly after 25, in my opinion.

However, if you go with a group of friends whose goal is not to leave without you, but to dance and have fun, then you can go to clubs at any age. I would go to a club with you, and leave with you too.



haven't had a good time in one forever and ever. but, facebook tells me that all of the people i went to high school with still do it, every weekend...


yes, yes it is very tricky, ladies. i have taken to going to dance parties that are (a) held in houses or (b) only playing music written before 1950. the last time i broke this rule, i was so irritated by 11pm that i left without ANY attention, male or otherwise. ... while Bexy is right that if you go to have your own fun, you can have it, i seem to betired of having my fun right beside someone elses cowboy slut fun.

on the other hand, tehre is a cowboy club down the street from me that has a bar IN THE BATHROOM. ... which is worth investigating.

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