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November 27, 2008



You KILL me! I was just about to write something encouraging when I read your last sentence. But seriously, this blog is awesome. The only reason more people don't read it is because they are stupid.


more photographs. i saw that blog you linked to, the weird aussie girl in NY and it's so boring. the only thing is that she is cute and posts lots of pics of herself, and boom. if you whored yourself out a little more, internet stardom would be yours for the taking. everything else is in place. even the self-pity could sell!!!


Oh, but those 50 hits a week come with such enthusiasm. And you are the least-boring person either. You would write interesting captions of pictures of socks, because you are that awesome.


thank you becky, that it what i meant to say but didn't: a place is the least-boring ever place!!

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