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November 29, 2008



Yes to Alan Rickman. I don't know what most of the rest of these people look like, or even who they are. Which is probably very sad. But yay Alan Rickman!


Daniel Craig LOL when i read the entry's title, that's who came to my mind too - and then i thought, no, he's Bond, so he wouldn't fall into the non-traditionally-attractive slot. But you agree!

It's all about the personality - but honestly, the people you have are not heart-of-gold sweethearts. for one, lt cmdr data doesn't have a personality.

also, my thought process went: jaleel white? the porn dude? but no that's screech from saved by the bell.

Mel B

Jon & Kate Plus Eight = yes. I can't figure out what race he is. Asian? Pacific Islander? Any clues?

King of Queens, sadly, yes. There was an episode where he wore glasses and was especially cute.

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