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March 16, 2006



So true, Ferd! So true. Just this morning i bolted out of bed convinced that i had slept in, because the sunshine was so bright. Turns out it was only quarter to seven. I can't wait until the tyranny of Daylight Savings Time ends and i can frolic in the sunshine every evening after work. *sigh*


Strangely, my friend Claudia *is* moving to Madrid, and the decision is more weather-based than you might imagine. So it's not impossible. Enjoy your sunlight, darling!

Lilly Ray


Just following up as I didn't hear back from you, sorry to email you again. I noticed your page aplace.typepad.com/blog/2006/03/daylight_spendi.html links to www.timeanddate.com. Unfortunately, that site isn't very accessible for the sight impaired. Would you consider adding a link to a more accessible version like www.thetimenow.com which is WCAG 2.0 compatible?

Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend wave.webaim.org. It is really helpful.

Lilly Ray

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