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March 12, 2006



Ferd, you always interesting to me, even when perhaps you could be less so to strangers. But strangers are dumb. Your friends are your target audience, and also already interested, so an easy sell. Also, I didn't know that Milosovic was dead. And while I'm nattering, I guess I did manage a major life change this year. I can't really say how it is going yet--can you ever be certain until you're old and can evaluate all your decisions and their eventual repercussions? Maybe this is more of a phone conversation... I'll track you down sooner or later, or you know where to find me!


Your life is always interesting. Post about life's minutae. Post about what Ottawa is like, in case i end up living there next year.

My life change was quitting my shitty job and going back to school to be a full-time nerd for the rest of my life. It hasn't quite worked out yet, but i think it's going to eventually. Whatever it is you're contemplating, i think you should go for it.


Fred, I'm totally feeling you on the life devoid of excitement... work can really suck all the life out of you. But you must press on. Only 16 weeks left of articling and then we'll have an entire summer full of excitement. Keep blogging... I always find whatever you have to say interesting. :)


I made a series of life changes that have completely changed everything about my life. First, like Wren, I quit my shitty job to become a full time nerd. Also started working in a number of libraries. Then left my shitty boyfriend to be a giant loser and live with my parents. So now I'm a spinster-soon-to-be-unemployed librarian, and though it looks pretty bad on paper, I'm actually quite content, cuz I have lots of options for the future!

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