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July 19, 2010



No. I would say 1-3 is correct. 3 went much higher. 4-7: still high but less euphoric.


I've moved to a totally new city three times (Montreal, Kingston, Toronto) and I would say that this is pretty accurate. But stage five doesn't have to last very long, if you keep yourself busy and make new friends.

Also, I think it's awesome that making diagrams like this is an actual job that some actual person actually has. Where do I sign up for that?


I hit 5 about 6 months after my move abroad. This involved a couple weeks of staying inside with a cold, whining to friends and family on skype and shaking my fist at the terrible rain outside. A couple weeks out of the year aint so bad, I think. Your chart doesn't mention level 8 - freaking out about going home! xoxo You will be just fine. Let's skype soon!


i have done this a few times, you will recall (Montreal, England, Massachusetts, Edmonton). i will tell you: every time i've done it it's been easier, but i think it's age not experience with the actual moving, so we're both only getting better at that.

i don't really see 4 and 5 as being much different from each other. there's just a period of stuff sucking and why and who ARE these people and remember when i knew how to operate shit that i don't now?

and i should point out that the person who drew this graph decided to make 7 a little lower than 1. this was probably an accident? also it's a lie, so don't you worry your ferdhead about that part.

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