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January 07, 2013



Wow, I have totally given up on proper punctuation. Like, completely.


1. What a silly experience. My sympathies.
2. I have enjoyed many books (that I would recommend to others) that I would rate three stars. That's not a diss! Not everyone is going to think even life-changing literature is 4 or 5 stars. People need to calm down.


Yeah, Goodreads makes me crazy, because so many authors are on it plus it's googlable, so basically whatever you say will find it's way to everyone in the universe. And of course, with the Canadian literary scene the size of the average ladies room, if I gave any book three stars, I guarantee I'd meet the author at a party later that same week.

Oh well, maybe it's nice to have a part of the internet where people keep their gloves on.

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